What is this Cellular Treatment?

As the age changes, the face shape changes, the skin becomes worn, the elasticity of the tissue decreases as the tension and brightness decrease, the wrinkles form around the eyes, the lines around the mouth become deeper as the cells lose their capacity to renew themselves and the typical marks of ageing appear as soft tissues on the cheek bones shifts to the cheeks.

Fibrocell is the name of youth vaccination, fibroblast, youth from behind the ear, radical beauty, autologous fibroblast, cell renewal, brilliant skin secret, natural youth, skin renewal, fibroblast injection and more. It is precisely because of tissue wearing and consequence of  wrinkles that the cells we call fibroblasts in that region are no longer able to produce collagen and elastin, which give them a tight tension like the old one. The rational method in this case is to transport fibroblasts from that part of the body to the region; applying  cellular therapy.



How is Fibroblasts Obtained?

A skin tissue as small asa rice grain taken from a skin region that is less exposed to outer elements, preferably from behind the ear is enough. The fibroblasts in the tissue are separated and multiplied in the laboratory using blood serum also takenfrom you. When the fibroblasts are multiplied millions of times, they are bottled in small volumes and injected into the skin by the physician.


Is the Application Safe?

Skin fibroblast cell production and application is performed all over the world and is approved by the United States Federal Drug Agent (FDA). It is not toxic, allergic or carcinogenic since it is prepared entirely from your own tissue.


When is the effect seen?

In the specially produced fibroblasts, the results of application to the lines of the rim, eye perimeter goose feet, between eyebrows and lines in the forehead are different in each individual. When applied with correct number and certain intervals (total 3 times, every 4-5 weeks), the effect starts in weeks, but in some people the effect may be seen later.
The effectiveness varies between 3-5 years. Fibroblasts are used not only for the removal of wrinkles but also for the treatment of collapses caused by acne, burns and unhealing wounds.