Skin Care

Skin Care and Its Importance

The skin is our biggest organ which covers 1.85 m2 in adult males and 1.60 m2 in women and weighs about 10-12 kg. Its thickness changes from people to people and its place but its generally 1-2 mm thick. It increases up to 3mm in palms and soles, 4 mm in the back of the neck. The skin is thin in the eyelids and sensitive in fingertips. Skin formation starts in mother’s womb in the first weeks. Skin is an organ that ever-regenerates. The skin is comprised of 3 layers and these are from otside to inside:

  1. Epidermis (upper layer)
  2. Dermis (middle layer)
  3. Subdermis (lower layer)

Two very important supplementary materials that are responsible for our body’s strength and elasticity are collagen and elastin. It is known that the wrinkles that are formed with time in our skin are caused by collagen deficiency or by detoriation of its integrity and form. Thus every kind of treatmen to rejuvenate our skin is based on increasing the collagen. Our skin’s water reservoir is collagen. So increasing collagen means increasing its moisture at the same time. The newly created collagen in the skin is called “procollagen”. Procollagen forms in 72 hours and transforms into colagen in 8-12 weeks.
The chlor in drinking water makes collagen to lose water and irritates the skin. The lime in the water also irritates the skin. Apart from these two very serious danger for our skin are smoking habit and sun rays.Internal and external factors like air and environmental pollution, our dietary habits, chemicals in food or nature, radiation, extreme cold or extreme hot climates and genetical factors also affect our skin health.

Why is Skin Care Necessary?

Skin care is done for cleaning, protection, health and beauty. Shin care is no different from daily hygenic precautions which are the main elements of human health like hair,body and tooth care.
It is necessary to accept skincare which cleans the body, stimulates its functions, makes it healthier and more beautiful as important as toothcare and should be done as disciplined. Because our skin is an organism which is constantly under effect of inner and outer factors.
When we are outside the skin is affected by UV rays, chemical, physical and biological factors and smoke. Our skin which covers our body has to be protected from these factors.
Not having a signifacant problem on the skin does not mean that that skin is beautiful or there are no problems and this observation might not stay the same all life long. Skin care is not just something that people who has skin problems, who do make- up or who has wrinkles have to do but it’s for everyone who wants a beautiful and healty skin and also it’s an investment for the future.

The Importance of Skin Care

Nowadays being modern does not mean following fashion but it means how much a person devotes time and gives importance to his health, beauty and dynamism. It is a fact that classical beauty is out-of-date. Women in our current society is a person who is dynamic, active, who has time for herself and who disciplined her skin and body health.
It is a fact that there dramatic is a corelation between person’s morale and self-appearance. People who feel more beautiful and who loves their image in the mirror look more optimistic to life. When people find themselves beautiful, it awakes a joy of life, energy, feeling more valuable and confidence in people.
In modern cosmetics the aim is not only to give people a more beautiful appearance and provide outer treatment. It also aims building a better feeling of all the body, mind relaxation and soul harmony. So it can be understood that cosmetics is a means of body, mind and soul relaxation.

  • • We try to detect people’s ages by their skin. There is no biological age, there is skin age. You may be young but your skin may seem old.
  • • Hair cut, way of dressing, our weight, the way we do make- up are feature we can easily change. But it’s not easy to change skin aesthetics.
  • • Our skin is an organ which cannot be restored and after a limit something we can support very little. With plastic surgery, body gains a temporary tightness. But it can not provide freshness of skin and it cannot enhance the body’s functions and activities.

The Purposes of Skin Care

  1. 1. Maintaining the body’s natural hydrolipid structure( moisture+fat+ acidic form)
  2. 2. Stimulating skin functions and enhancing skin’s activities ( oxygenation+ icreasing bllod flow+ ejacuating keratinized dead body cells+new cell formation).
  3. 3. Cleaning of dirtiness of skin whic is caused by natural waste and outer factors, forming a protective layer.
  4. 4. Giving active substances to skin which are needed for biological activities decreased by aging and wearing down.
  5. 5. With skin care feeling mind and soul relaxation as well as feeling better and a beautiful appearance.

Skin Care

Skin care is primarily a procedure which enables skin to function normally and stimulates and protects these functions.
A good skin care starts with cleaning which is suitable for the skin type. This cleaning should be done not only in the evenings but also in the mornings.
The dirt, microorganisms and infectioned areas located on the skin can be removed by cleaning. Apart from the dirt on the skin, nicotin, alcohol, malnutrition, sleeplessness and bad habits can also cause the skin form to deteriorate. Altough rarely, the main problem can be caused by physcological problems. If an effective result is expected from the care, all of the bad elements should be removed.
To oppose inner and outer factors facing skin is possible with affecting renewth, nutrition, respiration, and protection at the same time which are 5 natural functions that are responsible for the youthness of skin. For this, a care plan which provides cleaning without irritating the skin, strenghtening, firming, protecting, balancing, stimulating cell regeneration and vitalization is needed. Quality products which give such effects to skin may reestablish moisture stability and provide nutrition and strenghtening. The skin may be protected against outer factors and it can have a quality and healthy appearance.

Methods of Care

  1. 1. Daily care
    1. 1.1 Night
    2. 1.2 Day
  2. 2. Weekly Care
  3. 3. Monthly ( clinical) Care
  4. 4. Special ( treatment-oriented) care

1-     1. Daily care:


1.1 Day 

  1. 1. Cleaning
  2. 2. Firming: With application of tonic, the ph of skin is decreased to it’s normal values which is between 4.2 and 6 after becomeing notr ph (=7) while cleaning. Tonics have a 5.5 acidic value.
  3. 3. Support : Applying care products which include antioxidant substances like C vitamin or Alpha hydroxy acids which have an aim and target ( Alpha Hy.Acid has an aim of peeling)
  4. 4. Moisturazing
  5. 5. Protection: Sun Protection

1.2 Night 

  1. Cleaning
  2. Firming
  3. Support
  4. Moisturazing

2-     Weekly Care:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Peeling
  3. Mask
  4. Firming
  5. support
  6. Moisturazing

3-     Monthly Care:

  1. 1. Determining skin type and needs
  2. 2. Cleaning (with products in form of a gel for oily skin and milk for dry skin)
  3. Peeling ( granulose, enzyme, cream ( fruit acid), abrasion with stone)
  4. 4. Steam ( aromatheraphy, activating blood flow, opening pores, relaxation and softening)
  5. 5. Ozone/ ozone theraphy ( especially in oily skin for disinfection)
  6. 6. Massage ( 15 mins with night creams)
  7. 7. Comedo Cleaning ( Vacuum, comedo press, by hand)
  8. 8. High frequency application ( putting the products into hair or skin by using acne or mycose prob and for disinfection purposes.)
  9. Mask ( around face and eye)/li>
  10. 10. Vacuumtheraphy ( lymph drainage)
  11. 11. Iontophoresis( bulb application= around face and eye)
  12. 12. Myolift+Iontophoresis (in mature skins and special care)
  13. 13. Firming
  14. 14. Moisturazing
  15. 15. Protection