Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Being overweight which is called obesity in medicine is now considered an illness which has to be treated immidiatelt because it paves the way for disorders like caridovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. Obesity is spreading fast primarily in the United States and is the biggest epidemic of our century. As well as being a threat to our health, it’s also an aesthetically undesirable condition and this sometimes causes disorders which may lead to depression.

Obesity simply occurs when the amount of calories taken exceeds the calories spent during the day except some metabolismic disorders. Roughy calculating, an extra 10 calorie everyday is stored as 1 gr of fat in our body. Techonological facilities caused people to be lazier. A rich diet, unbalanced nutrition and lack of exercise generally cause obesity. So the most effective method in treatment is a combination of a low calorie diet which allows limited fat consumption and a stable exercise routine. The best thing to to for daily diet is to reduce the amount of fat consumed. Because as knonn when 1 gr of fat is burned 9 calories emerge but 1 gr carbonhydrate includes 4.5 calorie and at the same time fat can be stored faster and easier. And for this process less energy is used than it is needed to burn carbonhydrates and the storage for fat in our body is limitless. Total carbonhydrate storage in our body is nearly 400 gr and exceeding carbonhydrate is stored as fat.

If the problem is a local excess or prolapsus apart from obesity then the thing should be done is a suitable diet and exercises that include streching as well as a packet programme that includes passive gymnastic with electrosimulation, carboxitheraphy, depressomassage, pressotheraphy, and many clinical processes that include infrared and microcirculation, lymph circulation and local metabolism.

The problem in these kinds of cases the is not the imbalance between the calorie taken and spent but it’s reduced muscular activity and muscle tone, weakened microcirculation and lymph circulation and metabolits that cannot be removed, interstitial edema, increased interstitial pressure and increased vasoconstriction ( reflexive constriction of veins) with negative feedback that is created on mechanoreceptors so a stable packet programme should be followed that includes reversing of the process of these medical disorders.

Difference of basal metabolism speed in people, the time passed for the current problems to occur, their adaptation to the treatment packet, personal diet, daily activity amount and adding or not adding suitable diet programmes to their tratment dramatically affect the results. Nearly perfect results are possible in those who add diet and exercise to their treatment. The results are limited in those who do not give enough importance to dieat and badly-adapted to the treatment.  After the packet programme which lasts 1.5 months, thinning and firming are formed on average 3-6 cm in abdominal region and up to 3-4 cm in leg and on the extent of the hipline. Despite everything, treatment results are largely personal and people’s will and positive attitude is of great importance.  In people who see the applications as a magical wand having positive results is very hard to accomplish and it may disappoint people who never show any kind of effort. So, to be successful the person’s adaptation is very important. It’s a golden rule for the motivation and success of treatment and satisfaction of patient and doctor to share all of these with the people.